Activator Makes Things Happen

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Activator is my  superpower. When I tell people what it is, I like to  proudly strike a superhero pose, with hands on my hips, and with a booming superhero-like voice, I say, “I will make things happen with energy & gusto!” That’s indeed what I do with activator; I creatively and energetically turn thoughts into actions. To maximize this talent, I purposefully seek out opportunities where I can influence the cadenance and momentum of workflow, such as a project or team lead, and encourage only necessary discussion and lots of action. By practicing this strength and showing others that I’m a self-starter and a good energy source, I’m often a trusted teammate. However, I’ve learned that not everyone appreciates my speedy action. Some individuals with themes in the strategic thinking and executing domains, like intellection and deliberative, often question if I have given enough thought to what needs to be done. As a result, I’ve learned to explain my thought process and actions, which can feel painfully slow and a waste of time for me, but being patient seems to help build stronger relationships with those who need more information.

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