Restorative Teammates


A project teammate was my hero with his restorative strength; he would save me from problems. Whenever I presented him with a project-related problem, he would always offer a suggestion that inevitably led to a solution. This was particularly helpful for me because my Positivity strength often led me to avoid problems altogether, to try to maintain a positive emotional state. Since that’s unrealistic, and a bit of a basement behavior, especially in the office, I quickly learned that the restorative talent on my teammate was a very strong compliment and partnership for me. When I was inclined to avoid a problem, his Restorative strength enabled him to comfortably invade a problem area, explore it with creativity, calmness, and a determination, and find a solution with ease. Those individuals with the restorative strength are great assets to find solutions, yet they are can be even greater partners for so many others who may freeze in the face of problems.

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