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A high level manager in the tech world, who leads with Achiever, once explained to me that his daily self worth is directly impacted by how much he gets done each day, and each day is a reset. This was a struggle moving into management roles where merit was less based on production, and more on what you could get others to produce well. To fix letting his self worth be fully up to how his team was able to perform each day, we designed a habit of him going into work early, before anyone was there to distract him, and knocking out a list of quick obtainable tasks he needed to do anyway. Starting his day off this way made him feel confident and ready to engage in the larger problems that might come along, as he already felt he had accomplished a lot in the early morning time he protected.

You know how some people keep meticulous lists that keep them on target? And those people tend to get insane amounts of work done? Those are often behavioral examples of someone high in Achiever, and I love the clear manifestation of their talent. The world around them is like an action plan that they check off one step at a time. Achiever is in my top ten strengths, which means when I feel like I’m not getting enough done that I need to slow down and make a list to get everything out of my head and on paper.

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