Our specialty is creating balance for organizations with multiple stakeholders, such as the needs of a team, clients, board of directors, and sometimes a membership base which when out of balance can create tension, misunderstanding, and a strain on resources. We take the pressure off leadership by elevating awareness of the assets each team member contributes, increasing individual ownership, and simplifying communication by creating a shared language. We teach teams and individuals how to view points of friction as their biggest opportunities to grow, and capitalize on the assets available.

Ready to create a highly collaborative team with less friction and more proud moments of success? 
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Team Development Consulting

Strength-based workshop and coaching combinations to create highly engaged teams

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Individual Development Coaching

Coaching packages available to design your management skills that align with your strengths, support career pursuits, and build individual confidence


Organizational Consulting

Organizational Development and Design, Culture Management, Conflict Resolution, and Strategic Planning


Facilitating, Speaking, and Workshops

Guide Boards and Teams through difficult decision-making, build up program participants through strengths, or lead a workshop as part of a larger leadership program

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