Life Stories Told With Data

Life Story

People highly talented in the analytical space tend to thrive in data and informational markers. A client leading with high analytical talent and self-described “voice of reason among her teammates,” pairs her high harmony talent (a relationship building talent) to deal with team conflicts in an objective way often becoming the glue on teams. Considering the facts of any situation before making a decision and giving people the ability to see and trust her reasoning, she finds reasonable amicable solutions. When it comes to work, she is confident in her critical thinking skills, and sure of decisions.

As career decisions require a certain level of intuition though, she’s struggled to decide her next move. Recognizing her need for as much data and facts as possible, but struggling to identify and obtain data for something so personal, we identified what sources of “data” she could gather to help her find the patterns in her own career. She completed a life story narrative and mind mapping activity to put her experiences, interests, and values on paper. Upon seeing the aspects important to her on paper, her analytical strength was able to connect the overarching themes, which served as personal career data. In situations that require intuitive decision-making, sometimes simply writing down thoughts then finding the trends in the information can help analyze the information needed for clear next step.

If you’re strong in the the area of Analytical…

When you feel stuck do you seek out information in new ways? Do you lean into teammates shine when asked to look at the data if it’s overwhelming to you? Give writing a life story narrative a try the next time you need to make a big life decision and the answer seems foggy!  

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